Life's a Dance

So dance like no one's watching


The J5 Pasture Palace was only a vision from the start. Owners, Richard and Tracy Johnson met at the KC Hall in Bremond in 1982. Forty years later they still enjoy dancing and the fellowship that comes along with it and go almost every weekend. The closest dancehall from their home is over an hour away, so many miles were traveled to do what they enjoy. When they bought the property adjoining theirs that had an older building on it, ideas began to form. It started small and got bigger and bigger. As the dancehall was taking shape, they begin to talk about what to name it. Linda Hudec, one of their many dance friends they met along the way, suggested J5 Pasture Palace and it stuck! After a very long year of hard work and perseverance the J5 Pasture Palace was finally ready. They now have a dancehall/venue that will hopefully provide many unforgettable memories and create even more lifelong friendships. Their vision was complete.
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